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Finally home after a big road trip – Dec 2nd

Well what started out small,  ended up to be a rather wild but successful week.  We started with a lovely bonfire and then hot tub at George and Susie’s, then went to see my Mom and family for a few days. We returned to Montreal and signed all the final papers for the sale of our house – what a relief. Al was saying yesterday that this is the first time in our married lives that we have actually had all of our blessed possessions – or junk – in one place.

We celebrated birthdays Becky turned 4!

Becky loves birthdays!
Becky loves birthdays!
Raspberry amazement!
Raspberry amazement!

Then celebrated my birthday early, first with a dinner at our friends Colleen and Dennis’ and thank goodness there are no pictures as it involved hats and balloons and special effects! Then a great dinner with the kids

peggy cooked my favourite Taiwanese dishes with some new recipes added in
Peggy cooked my favourite Taiwanese dishes with some new recipes added in
yet again another beautiful cake - no weight loss on this trip!
Yet again another beautiful cake – no weight loss on this trip!

Probably the 2nd greatest feat after the sale of the house was that we were able to retrieve all of Alan’s lost computer data. Last month Alan’s hard drive died completely, it was backed up – or so we thought. A new hard drive was inserted and programs uploaded again and all was good  – except that the back up was mysteriously empty. At any rate to make a very long story short. We went to 3 Future Shop Geek Squad places and finally found a young guy who persisted keeping the computer for 4 days and restoring every little bit of lost material. We were really freaking out as Alan has kept a day to day journal of every step of our house build and all of his sermons and other writing. But all is found so AMEN!

We went to see Susan Turcot’s Art Show in Montreal. I know several of you have been already but it is well worth a visit. She is showing in conjunction with a large group of artists from around the world and the themes focus on the changing world we live in and how hard we are using and abusing our earth. Some of it is very hard to understand and other pieces just knock you off of your feet.

We rounded out the week with tea with Tom and Heather, Christmas shopping, hair cuts, visits with friends and finally spent a night with Lew and Cathy on the way home. We even snuck in a quick visit with Al Stairs to pick up grapefruits that we had ordered through MacKenzie’s school.

We arrived home last night and sadly our snow is almost gone. But we woke this am to a light dusting. The temperature has plummeted and it was -20 this am when we walked the dogs. The men are still working on the wharf on the Baie Ste Catherine side. Some are welding in skiffs at water level. I would not want to be them this morning.  Winter has definitely arrived.

This weekend is the grand “Marché de Noel” which is a number of events combined into one to get everyone into the mood. There is a food drive, a parade for the children which ends at the Auberge with a Santa’s village  and a large Christmas bazaar in the Auberge itself. Should be lots of fun.  I’ll take some pics.

It is so nice to be home. We launch back into the basement project this am with our goal of it being finished before the kids arrive for Christmas. We are almost there.

Stay warm wherever you are!