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Update on the Famille Dufour

Update on my last blog item. The Famille Dufour made it from Tadoussac to Halifax in four days being towed by the tugboat Point Vim arriving just before midnight on January 9th. They must have had calm weather because the tug took a straight line between Gaspé and Cape Breton right across the middle of the Gulf. I was surprised to see they avoided the harbour and tied up at a yacht club across the city in the Northwest Arm that happens to be right across from my old theology school. It reminded me of the days I would make a point of sitting on the northeast side of the classroom so that I would have the view across that body of water at a wooden schooner that was anchored off the club. There I was with all those future clergy and little did they know I was spending the class quietly breaking the 10th Commandment!