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A story about wind!!

As I write this note we have been pounded by a wild wind for about 30 some hours. it started late Saturday and since that time it has been between 87-109 km/hr according to Environment Canada. We had some small amount of snow so that has been blowing around just to add to the fun. We are the lucky ones in that we have not had the heavy, heavy snow of the Maritimes to contend with, but this wind is really something.

We started out an early weekend as Anne arrived from Calgary on Wednesday evening.  We walked around Point L’Islet and it was spectacular as usual and while the ice is changing rapidly it is still very present.


beautiful piece of ice
beautiful piece of ice
Alan enjoying the beautiful sun
Alan enjoying the beautiful sun
large ice floes are still attached to the rocks on Point L'Islet
large ice floes are still attached to the rocks on Point L’Islet


The rock itself is more clear than it has been - for the moment at least
The rock itself is more clear than it has been – for the moment at least
Sibs enjoying the sun
Sibs enjoying the sun



































Then this crazy wind started on Saturday evening and it has persisted. Imagine this. Last night was garbage night so we hauled our bin out to the golf club as usual. However both sides of the road are piled high with snow and so we tucked the bin into a snowbank where it looked sort of safe. Our big fear was that the bin would not be there in the morning. So early today we went to  retrieve it and it was no where to be seen.  It could not have moved before emptying but when empty it was like a bullet. As the bin was being emptied several of the smaller bags of garbage were whipped away and we found 2 on the road just in front of Mike Skutezky’s house. Alan had to walk up the hill to the new house that is being constructed just below Alain Therrien’s place to find the bin.  As he was coming back down he let go of the bin to pick some garbage off the road, the bin tipped over again and the wind sent it sliding on the icy road  away from Alan. Unbelievable.

As we were watching some tv last night we felt our new strong house tremble – hard to imagine.  It really made me think about how the small islands and tin roof huts are hammered by 300 mile per hour winds ever survive.

On our walk this morning Alan took a video of the river to show how fast the ice is moving with the tide and the wind. It also gives you a sense of the noise as well. I have to post it on Facebook though as this site won’t support the video – phooey. Here are some stills though. There is lots of ice moving down river. As we took Anne to Bagotville yesterday (and that was a crazy trip up and back) we saw that the ice in the upper river is certainly beginning to break up, so I imagine we will see lots more days of ice as it moves back and forth with the tide.

IMG_3088 IMG_3087 DSCN1099















So another day in paradise begins. Keep warm wherever you are. Spring must be coming soon! Jane