Getting closer to the Canaries

HI everyone, I am sorry that there have not been many updates but this has been a period of time where communication has been very limited. I am sure you have all seen that after the boat went through the Strait of Gibraltar, seemingly into the eye of the storm, they slowed to a crawl.

You would be absolutely correct. The first low pressure system was promptly followed by a second nasty one. They made only as much headway as they could, always with the wind against them, and always very rough.

Yesterday and last night they made huge progress because finally the winds are with them. Today in frustration they have very little wind but they are hoping for an upsurge – never happy these guys. Al’s note today said they have 270 miles to arrive at the Canaries.

The next communication will be from Alan.

Step by step , mile by mile….

Hope you  have had a great weekend and that it is not snowing where you are! Jane

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