Alan’s transatlantic adventure – a mini update

Hi everyone, I spoke with Alan yesterday briefly and because he will have no access to the internet for at least 8-10 more days he asked me to just give everyone a brief note.

When they left Patras it was in a wild 42 knot wind. Why did they leave you might well ask? The only answer I can give is they were so sick of being in Greece (42 days!!) and they are all crazy. That is all I know. At any rate, the crossing between Patras and Italy was indeed very wild. Alan said the wind and the waves were just like in the movies.

They came through relatively unscathed but had some water on board because of a leak and they lost two small pieces of equipment to breakage. So they have been stopped in a small marina on the very toe of the boot of Italy since Saturday afternoon to get repairs made, leaks fixed and purchases made. All of that was being accomplished while we were sleeping last night and mid day today they hoped to be underway again.

They figure they are doing about 150 miles per day so I was calculating with Sarah (Alex’s partner) last night and we think they will be in Gibraltar in about 7-10 days give or take the wind.

He did say that  the coast that they see is spectacular and that when they were approaching Mt Etna it was snow covered and beautiful.

Their route after that is not altogether clear as it depends somewhat on whether the prevailing winds shift but at this point it looks like Gibraltar- Canary Islands- Antigua.

If I receive more news I will update again later but Alan will definitely put a more detailed account when next in port. I hope you are all well where ever you are. Jane

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  1. Thanks for keeping us updated Jane. We really appreciate hearing about Alan’s adventure. It does sound like a wild ride though.

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