A whale now lives in Tadoussac during the winter!!

Many of you from Tadoussac will remember that a few years back we discussed with the municipality that our section of Tadoussac is soooo depressing in the winter. (Now that we have been here a year, we can attest to that!!)

After much lag time we have added a little something to our family house Windward for the winter months.  For those of you who follow this blog, and don’t know Alan’s brother Tom – he is a man of many talents, not the least of which is that he is a very creative artist and carpenter. He combined these two skills to create an amazing mural/triptych with a whale. It is absolutely stunning and will now grace our house each winter to jazz up the scene.

I wanted to send it out to show you as it will come down, of course, with the house opening in the Spring.

We just wanted to say thanks to Tom. This is truly a beautiful gift to our family.

IMG_5209 IMG_5210










PS Now my dear neighbours start planning for  your houses!! Enjoy this beautiful Spring day Jane

4 thoughts on “A whale now lives in Tadoussac during the winter!!”

  1. This is a wonderful solution for the concern of the town about the houses being boarded up all winter! And…a new career for Tom! I am looking forward to seeing it, probably not until next Christmas.

  2. Jane, thanks for sharing and taking photos of the beautiful whale artwork @Windward. Tom did a fantastic job!!!!

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