Well it is official. Spring appears to finally be showing its face around here. I was home to Ontario for a week to visit my family and I cannot believe how quickly the snow has melted. Once it decided to go, it went very quickly. Granted we had half the snow that usually comes to Tadoussac but still it has been persistent in sticking with us right up to this week.

So all the ice is gone from the bay, the paths in the deepest part of the woods still have icy bits but all the roads are clear and all main paths. We went down to Adele’s beach yesterday and walked to the clay cliffs and not one speck of ice remained. Given what you have seen earlier in the blog you know what a change that is!

I drove to Chicoutimi today for an appt and the Marguerite is now clear and full, and the far end of the Saguenay is now completely open as well.

There are three fishing boats still here for the urchin fishery and a third ferry arrived at the same time I did on my return on Sunday. I haven’t seen three running yet so I imagine another will go to Quebec to be fixed up for summer and still leave two here.

Alan saw belugas earlier in the month under Pointe Noire where we often see them but there have not been many. However we did see our first seal of the season as he came to play with the dogs who were swimming yesterday and he followed us along as we walked the beach.  In other wild life sightings, on my way home from Chicoutimi today myself and another car had to pull over and stop as a large moose cow and a young moose were running down the middle of the road in a panic!! They got to safety and I hope they stayed in the forest!!

The bay was its usual spectacular self this evening and we had our first drinks on the deck – what bliss. We are looking forward to the long weekend when family and friends will arrive. See you all soon and enjoy every minute of the sunshine! Jane


Shannon in his favourite spot for looking at the view
Shannon in his favourite spot for looking at the view
Ahhh a sure sign of Summer chairs ready for a drink on the deck
Ahhh a sure sign of Spring –  chairs ready for a drink on the deck

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