February 25 – Another little update – hohum

Sunday afternoon here in Tadoussac – damp and cold but it is February still. And Alan is still in the Mediterranean plodding along. The three sailors are quite frustrated with the wind – or perhaps I should say – the lack of wind. Alan says it is either blowing well, but against them, or blowing hardly at all. So that is why, if you are following the red dot, it really is not moving very fast.

They are off the coast of Algeria and were sailing with dolphins the other day so it is not all bad.  They are headed towards Gibraltar and big winds are coming their way so we are keeping fingers crossed. They will stop in Gibraltar for fuel then it is about 4-5 days from that point to the Canary Islands.  Final destination at this point is looking like Antigua.

In the meantime they are slowly tacking their way along. I don’t think there is a dictionary definition of tacking but my definition is ‘Sailing for hours to get nowhere’.  So far that seems about right.

Thanks for following along with Alan, Alex and Sylvain.  All three of infinite patience it seems.  Certainly way more patience than me!

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  1. Thanks for the updates, Jane. Great to be able to follow along on the adventure – however slowly it’s going right now. Adventure of a lifetime!

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